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Multiple Postdoctoral Positions at Murthy lab, University of California at Berkeley

 1. Postdoctoral Fellow

Murthy laboratory U.C. Berkeley
Location: Berkeley, CA
Job Number: 7150908
Posting Date: May 27, 2023
Salary / Pay Rate: 64,000$-75,000$
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Job Description
The Murthy laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley is currently looking to hire multiple postdoctoral fellows to work on projects in the areas of mRNA delivery, antisense oligonucleotide delivery and therapeutic genome editing. The Murthy laboratory is located on the U.C. Berkeley campus and housed in the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI), please see https://innovativegenomics.org/ for details about the IGI. We have active collaborations with numerous faculty at the IGI and also actively collaborate with members of the Gladstone Institute at UCSF. 

These collaborations are funded by multi-year NIH and private grants and postdocs in the Murthy laboratory have multiple opportunities to interact with world class scientists in all areas of the life sciences. In addition, U.C. Berkeley is located in the Bay Area and has one of the most vibrant biotechnology sectors in the world and the Murthy laboratory has numerous collaborations with biotechnology companies in the Bay area. Finally, U.C. Berkeley has a very strong track record of producing future faculty members and a postdoctoral position at U.C. Berkeley is an ideal place to launch an independent career as a new investigator.

The details of the new projects in the Murthy laboratory are described below.
(1) Next generation lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) for mRNA delivery. This project involves the chemical synthesis of new classes of lipids and their analysis for mRNA delivery after incorporation into LNPs.
(2) New strategies for targeting mRNA to diseased tissue. This project involves expressing recombinant proteins that can target diseased tissues and self assembling them with mRNA.
(3) Transfection of the microbiome. This project involves the development of devices or delivery vectors that can transfect the microbiome of mice and cows with oligonucleotides, plasmids or other biomolecules.

Candidates need to have significant experience with either mammalian cell culture, recombinant protein expression, small molecule organic synthesis or have experience with developing machine learning algorithms and computer programming.
For more information about the Murthy laboratory please visit: https://murthylab.berkeley.edu.

Please email your application (cover letter, resume, etc.) to the employer directly. The employer’s email is shown below:

Jot Title: Postdoctoral Fellow.
Employer: Murthy laboratory U.C. Berkeley
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Contact Email: nmurthy@berkeley.edu

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