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Research Fellowships (Postdoc) at University of Surrey

1. Postdoc Research Fellow in Green Hydrogen – Hybrid Thermochemical Water Splitting Process

Chemical & Process Engineering

Location: Guildford

Salary: £33,309 to £36,383 per annum

Post Type: Full Time

Closing Date: 23.59 hours BST on Friday 08 July 2022

Reference: 040022

Job Description:

Applications are invited for a Research Fellow in the Energy and Materials research group in the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering (CPE). The position is funded by an Innovate-UK Research Grant (Project number: 10028955) under the Smart Grants- October 2021 call: “CHROME – Clean Hydrogen Manufacture”, which will be conducted in close collaboration with the industrial partners, Clean Hydrogen Ltd. and Fluor UK. The team requires a dedicated postgraduate researcher to develop a robust redox pair for efficient hydrogen production based on an innovative thermochemical-electrochemical looping process developed at the University of Surrey. The project involves designing a lab-scale hybrid thermochemical water splitting rig including an efficient thermochemical reactor integrated with a modified alkaline electrolyser to study its water-splitting performance and energy efficiency for green hydrogen generation using the synthesised redox pairs.

The Energy and Materials team at the University of Surrey has a strong background in the synthesis, optimisation and application of advanced functional materials for energy conversion and storage. The research group has specific interests in synthesising, characterising and fabricating small-scale electrochemical devices to develop novel and highly efficient water electrolysers and hydrogen fuel cells. Green hydrogen production, energy materials, and multiscale materials modelling with experimental approaches for use in a variety of sustainable electrochemical technologies (fuel cells, electrolysers, and CO2 reduction), reverse electrodialysis and metal-air batteries) are the other aspects of the research activities at the Energy and Materials group at the CPE.

The Research Fellow will be tasked with: (1) Design and develop a thermoselectrochemical looping system for efficient water-splitting, including a thermochemical oxidation reactor and an alkaline reduction electrolyser and measure the figures of merit for the process and the performance of various redox pairs; (2) Synthesis and physicochemically characterise highly efficient redox pairs and functional metal oxide composites with multiple oxidation states and test their performance and efficiency for water splitting in the thermoelectrochemical looping rig (the characteristic analysis includes, but is not limited to, energy conversion efficiency measurement, water-splitting efficiency, reaction kinetics study, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS analysis), electrochemical cell performance measurement, etc.); (3) Be fully engaged with all consortium activities as required by the grant conditions and consortium agreement. This will involve collaborating with teams of researchers from diverse backgrounds (Clean Hydrogen Ltd, University of Surrey, and Fluor Ltd) for scientific exchanges and attending regular project meetings and outreach within the UK and national/international conferences; (4) Assist in the production of intellectual property and/or high-impact papers for the benefit of both team members and the University of Surrey; and (5) Assist with the supervision of students in the group (postgraduate, undergraduate, and overseas visitors).

The postdoctoral research fellow will work in a team with the project industrial partners (Clean Hydrogen Ltd. and Fluor UK) and the other relevant consortium members and collaborators to develop the technical datasheets through a combined theoretical and experimental approach for commercialising the hybrid water splitting process. 

This position is initially for a duration of 12 months. 

Candidates must hold (or be close to completion of) a PhD or EngD in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Material Science, or the other relevant major degrees. Prior experience in design and testing the water-splitting systems, thermochemical reactor design, chemical looping processes, and water electrolysers are essential. Candidates should apply online, carefully answer all the application form questions, and attach a curriculum vitae (with details on education, research experiences, successes and the relevant publications to date). As part of the application, the applicant should also upload two letters of recommendation to the supporting documents.

Prospective applicants can contact Dr Bahman Horri (b.aminihorri@surrey.ac.uk ) if they need any specific further information on the post.

Job Description


2. Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Vision, Speech & Signal Processing

Location: Guildford

Salary: £32,344 to £43,434 per annum

Fixed Term

Post Type: Full Time

Closing Date: 23.59 hours BST on Sunday 24 July 2022

Reference: 042622

The Centre for Vision, Speech, and Signal Processing is seeking to recruit a full-time researcher to contribute to a number of projects including sign language data processing and recognition. 

You will join an established research group within a highly rated research department, with an excellent computing and software infrastructure for first class research, modern facilities and close links with industry.

The work will involve the use of computer vision and machine learning for the identification, tracking and estimation of humans in video with specific application to the recognition of sign language. But there are also opportunities to contribute to other projects including autonomous robotics, UAVs and autonomous vehicles subject to skill set. The applicant should have a PhD in a related area with a track record of publishing high quality research. Previous experience of sign language recognition and translation would be advantageous as is experience of supervising research. They should have good analytical and programming skills and experience of computer vision and machine learning. Previous experience of real time systems development C/C++/C#, Python, OpenCV, PyTorch, TensorFlow and deep learning are essential. Applicants are expected to be proactive, to support other researchers and to be self-motivated.

The University of Surrey is a global university with a world-class research profile and an enterprising spirit, located in one of the safest counties in England, within 35 minutes of London by train and minutes away from the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Recent investments have seen the opening of a world-class Sports Park and important updates to central facilities.

We can offer a generous remuneration package, which includes relocation assistance where appropriate, an attractive research environment, the latest teaching facilities and access to a variety of staff development opportunities.

Informal enquiries related to the project to Professor Richard Bowden by e-mail: r.bowden@surrey.ac.uk.

Please upload your CV and a covering letter

Job Description


3. Research Fellow in Open Quantum Systems


Location: Guildford

Salary: £33,309 to £37,468 per annum

Fixed Term

Post Type: Full Time

Closing Date: 23.59 hours BST on Sunday 17 July 2022

Reference: 039022

Applications are invited for the post of Research Fellow in the field of Open Quantum Systems based at the University of Surrey. 

The post is funded by the John Templeton Foundation and is part of a multidisciplinary research project entitled “Life on the Edge: quantum thermodynamics, quantum biology and the arrow of time” that aims to elucidate how irreversibility emerges from quantum mechanics. The nature of the arrow of time remains poorly understood, despite advances in quantum physics, thermodynamics and cosmology. While the direction of time can be understood from thermodynamic considerations as a manifestation of the law of entropy increase, it is not clear on what scale, nor precisely how, nature becomes irreversible. The over-arching question that we wish to investigate is how an external environment maintains, and even manipulates, the reversibility of quantum processes, particularly in biological systems.

The overall project is organized into a series of parallel, complementary and interconnected themes, led by different academics across a range of disciplines (theoretical physics, computational chemistry, applied mathematics, molecular biology and philosophy). The successful candidate for this post will undertake research in a vibrant, inter-disciplinary research environment with excellent reputation and collaborations, and will be one of five RAs working on this multidisciplinary project. 

A specific aim of this theme, led by Professor Jim Al-Khalili, is to study decoherence processes in detail and to determine what features of the biological cellular environment slows down the process of decoherence, thereby ‘protecting’ the quantum nature of the system of interest on biologically relevant time scales. An open quantum system approach provides the ideal framework for this. It allows the study of memory effects via non-Markovian dynamics. The approach needs to be generalized to incorporate the role of noise within the unique structure and dynamical properties of the environment. This is likely to be important in biological and biochemical systems where fluctuations can occur on long timescales. 

Candidates for this post should have a PhD in Theoretical Physics with a research background in quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and, preferably, open quantum systems. Previous postdoctoral experience is an advantage, but not necessary. The successful applicant should have excellent analytical and computational skills, a healthy open-minded curiosity and strong skills in team-working and communicating scientific results. 

This position is for 2 years, starting on 1 September 2022. For an informal discussion about the role, please contact Professor Jim Al-Khalili, via email at j.al-khalili@surrey.ac.uk.

In addition to the salary, there is a generous annual leave entitlement and excellent development opportunities.  The University of Surrey offers benefits packages which include pension, childcare assistance and leisure facilities. Applications from groups currently under-represented in the scientific community are particularly welcomed. 

Please upload your CV and a covering letter with your application.

Interviews will be held on Friday 22 July 2022.

Job Description


4. Research Fellow in RNA biology/virology

Microbial Sciences

Location: Guildford

Salary: £33,309 to £36,383 per annum

Fixed Term

Post Type: Full Time

Closing Date: 23.59 hours BST on Monday 11 July 2022

Reference: 041622

A postdoctoral research associate is sought to work at the interface between RNA biology and virology in the Locker laboratory at the University of Surrey. The project aims at understanding better mechanisms at the interface between viruses and stress responses. The main aim is to characterise how viruses regulate translation and stress granules (and other cytoplasmic biocondensates) and how this contribute to the antiviral response. To tackle this challenging and exciting project a combination of sophisticated techniques will be applied: biochemical isolation of stress granules, omics approaches (RNAseq, mass spectrometry), confocal microscopy, immunoprecipitations, viral replication assays and live cell imaging. Collaborators associated with this project are the Ruggieri Lab (Heidelberg). This BBSRC funded position is available until end of 2025. Candidates with experience in RNA biology/cell biology (previous virus work experience is welcome but not necessary) are encouraged to apply. You must have (or expect to obtain shortly) a PhD (or equivalent) in the life sciences and have relevant laboratory experience.

Recent work from the Locker lab:




Job Description


5. Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Psychological Sciences

Location: Guildford

Salary: £42,149 to £50,296 per annum

Fixed Term

Post Type: Full Time

Closing Date: 23.59 hours BST on Monday 04 July 2022

Reference: 037522

This post is for 15 months, with a potential extension pending funding, and aims to allow a postdoc with advanced experience in Bayesian optimization, transfer optimization, and multi-objective optimization to implement her/his knowledge in human-based research. The researcher will work together with the Head of School of Psychology, Prof. Cohen Kadosh, Prof. Yaochu Jin, Distinguished Chair, Professor in Computational Intelligence, and Prof Mark Cropley, Prof of Health Psychology in a project that aims to personalise a brain-based intervention to target rumination. You will be responsible for the development and optimisation of machine learning algorithms, carrying out data simulations, helping to deliver the project, and you will be working with a multisciplinary team. 

The University of Surrey

The post-holder will be based in the School of Psychology at the University of Surrey. The University of Surrey is located on a beautiful, leafy campus in Guildford, just 30 miles from London and benefitting from excellent rail and road connections. We are an ambitious, research-led organization, committed to research excellence and to the application of our research for the benefit of society. The University of Surrey is amongst the highest achieving universities in the United Kingdom, and has established recently the people-centred AI institute that fits with the work in this fellowship. The School of Psychology has a long-standing reputation for its vibrant and supportive research and teaching environment. The School of Psychology has a long-standing reputation for its vibrant and supportive research and teaching environment. The School has a strong track record of innovation in Psychology, from the discovery of the McGurk effect, to changing educational approaches to national identity, and the ongoing development of mobile neuro-assessment. The School currently houses 500+ UG students, 100+ Masters and 150+ taught Doctorate and PhD students and more than 70 staff. In addition to your salary, you will receive pension contributions via the Universities Superannuation Scheme, a generous annual leave entitlement, an attractive research environment, and access to a variety of staff development opportunities.

You are welcome to contact Prof Roi Cohen Kadosh (r.cohenkadosh@surrey.ac.uk) and/or Prof Yaochu Jin (yaochu.jin@surrey.ac.uk) if you would like further information or to discuss the post.

Interviews are expected to be held on 13th July 2022.

Job Description


6. Research Fellow in Microbiology

Pathology & Infectious Diseases

Location: Guildford

Salary: £33,309 to £37,468 per annum

Fixed Term

Post Type: Full Time

Closing Date: 23.59 hours BST on Thursday 14 July 2022

Reference: 043122

The University of Surrey, School of Veterinary Medicine

Research Fellow in Microbiology

Duration: 6 months - Funded by the BBSRC

Principal Investigator: Professor Roberto La Ragione (www.surrey.ac.uk/vet/people/academic/roberto_la_ragione/)

We are excited to invite applications for a Research Fellow position funded by the BBSRC. The position will be based in the Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences at the University of Surrey, within the School of Veterinary Medicine in Guildford, Surrey. You will be part of and will undertake research in a vibrant, inter-disciplinary research environment with a strong international reputation.

The ideal candidates will have strong interests in research underpinning mitigating the threats posed by zoonotic pathogens and antimicrobial resistance; including, but not limited to, host-pathogen interactions, role of the microbiome, foodborne diseases, antimicrobial resistance, emerging threats and risk assessment. The main focus of the project will be to explore the link between the disruption of the pig gut microbiota by copper in pig feed and the global emergence of a new, clinically highly relevant, variant of Salmonella. 

Experience of working with bacterial foodborne pathogens, in vitro and ex vivo models, including gut models would be desirable, together with an interest in AMR. Some experience of molecular biology, imaging, bioinformatics, sequencing and metagenomic studies would also be advantageous. 

In addition to your salary, you will receive a generous annual leave entitlement, relocation assistance where appropriate, attractive research environments, the latest teaching facilities, and access to a variety of staff development opportunities. Furthermore, our benefit packages include pension, childcare assistance and discounted membership to University sports facilities.

The University of Surrey is located on a beautiful, leafy campus in Guildford, just 30 miles from London and benefits from excellent rail and road connections.

For an informal discussion or further details, please contact: Professor Roberto La Ragione – r.laragione@surrey.ac.uk 


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