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Research and administrative Jobs at University of Florida

 1. Research Associate Professor - Neurogenetics, neurodegeneration, molecular biology, ALS, FTD, mechanisms of repeat associated non-AUG translation

Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL) Closing Date: 18 Jun 2023
Center for NeuroGenetics is seeking an highly experienced and talented researcher to lead scientific and translational projects focused on RAN translation in neurodegenerative diseases, the molecular mechanisms of RAN translation and the development of pioneering strategies to block RAN translation and improve the outcomes of patients with these diseases, which include ALS, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, ataxia and myotonic dystrophy.

Location: Brevard Closing Date:
Duties will include teaching a 3-credit course in space biology to students at the undergraduate and graduate levels annually, train PhD students, contribute to the graduate curriculum, and conduct research in the field of space biology. The adaptation of life to extreme environments is of particular interest.

3. Administrative Specialist II

Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL) Closing Date: 8 Jun 2023
The Department of Biology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is seeking an Administrative Specialist III. This position provides professional administrative and academic oversight in the department and it is part of the department's administrative team. The Department of Biology is a large unit with 42 faculty, ~105 graduate students, 14 staff, 9 Post-Docs, 68 courtesy faculty, 6 adjunct faculty, and 45 Student Assistants/OPS This position is responsible for all personnel and payroll matters for faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students in the department, coordinating the departmental tenure and promotion process, faculty search administration, annual activities reporting, along with student administration. The Administrative Specialist III must be self-motivated, dependable as well as able to communicate effectively with faculty, staff, students, clients, and core offices. This position supervises the administrative staff and serves as a liaison with other University units.

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