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Postdoctoral Positions at University of Wisconsin-Madison

1. Postdoctoral Fellow (Postdoc) Cell migration and inflammation Medical Microbiology and Immunology Anna Huttenlocher  04/06/2024 04/07/2023

Position Requirements: Perform scholarly research on cell migration and inflammation research. Our research is at the interface of cell biology and immunology and is centered on understanding on inflammation and its resolution. We seek to dissect how external cues and cell signaling networks regulate cell migration during tissue damage and repair and how this is altered in human disease. We focus on live imaging to visualize and manipulate leukocyte motility in zebrafish and using these tools have uncovered new mechanisms that regulate resolution of innate and adaptive immune inflammation.

Position Duties: The Huttenlocher laboratory examines innate immunity and inflammation in wound healing, infection and cancer. We are seeking a motivated postdoctoral fellow who will contribute to our highly collaborative research group.

Application Instructions: Please send cover letter, CV and 3 letters of references to huttenlocher@wisc.edu.

Website: https://huttenlocher.labs.wisc.edu

Salary: NIH payscale

Percent Time: 100

Start Date: 09/01/2023

Contact Name: Anna Huttenlocher

Contact Email: huttenlocher@wisc.edu

Contact Phone: (608) 265-4669

2. Research Associate (Postdoc) Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Diabetes Biomolecular Chemistry Feyza Engin, Ph.D. 09/01/2023 04/07/2023

Position Requirements: Ph.D in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, or immunology in an academic or similar research environment is required.

Expertise in two or more of following skills/techniques is highly desired:

* Pancreas biology: Islet isolation, human islet culturing and experimenting, islet histomorphometry.

* Mammalian cell culture: siRNA, transfection, stable cell line generation, gene manipulations with CRISPR/Cas9.

* Experience with basic molecular biology and biochemistry methods including,isolation RNA and protein from tissues and cells, qPCR and Western Blot, ChIP, ELISA, microscopy and cloning,

* Immunology: Multicolor FACS analysis, FlowJo analysis, adoptive transfers.

* Prior experience on working with mouse models: Colony management, drug administration (via i.p, sub-Q, i.g injections or via oral gavage), and dissection of the organs.

* Experience with AAV vectors, transduction or mouse injection

* Prior experience on handling large data sets and bioinformatic analysis: single cell RNAseq, scATACseq etc.

* Previous experience in cellular signaling/signal transduction, organelle biology, disease mechanisms and metabolism.

However, candidates trained in other fields such as molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, cell biology, genetics or immunology with translatable skills will also be considered.

Position Duties: Position Summary:

The Engin Laboratory is focused on understanding the role of the unfolded protein response (UPR) signaling pathway in beta cell dysfunction and diabetes. The work involves working with the tissue specific mouse models of the UPR pathway, ER-mitochondria crosstalk and mechanistic studies using cell culture, human islet cultures, imaging, biochemical and immunological assays and single cell transcriptome analysis and bioinformatics. More information about our research, see our publications (Engin et al., Sci Transl Med, 2013, Lee et al., Cell Metab 2020, Chen et al., Nat Comm 2022) and visit our website enginlab.org.

The ideal candidate is expected to be a creative, productive and self-motivated individual with the ability to think critically, learn quickly and function both independently and within a team.

Principal duties:

The candidate will investigate the molecular mechanisms of beta cell failure in diabetes in the Engin Lab. The candidate is expected to work on projects related to beta cell stress, organelle dysfunction (ER, mitochondria, lysosomes), beta cell-immune cell crosstalk using in vivo (transgenic mouse models) and in vitro (cell lines, primary mouse and human islets) systems. The candidate will 1) assist in the execution of ongoing projects by performing experiments and analyzing data 2) develop novel ideas in line with the projects in the lab, 3) provide training/mentoring to graduate and undergraduate students 4) attend national and international meetings to present data, 5) help Dr. Engin with writing and preparing grants and manuscripts.

Application Instructions: To apply for this position, please email a current resume/CV and a cover letter with a short description of your previous research and why you consider you are a good match for the position. In addition, please provide contact information for three (3) references.

Website: https://www.enginlab.org/


Percent Time:

Start Date:

Contact Name: Feyza Engin

Contact Email: fengin@wisc.edu

Contact Phone: (857) 413-9493

2. Research Associate (Postdoc) Health Informatics Information School Asst. Professor Adam Rule 06/01/2023 04/04/2023

Position Requirements: Candidate must have received a PhD in health informatics, computer science, information science, or another field related to health information technology by the start of the appointment. Strong written and oral communication skills and proficiency in data analysis in Python or R are required. Prior experience with healthcare systems and with implementing machine learning models is preferred.

Position Duties: The Postdoctoral Research Associate will use quantitative methods to study electronic health record (EHR) use in clinical environments. This project will involve analyzing and modeling EHR event logs to identify patterns in EHR use. Topics of interest include: 1) systematic variation in EHR use by physician demographic (i.e., gender, full-time equivalency); 2) collaborative use of the EHR by primary care teams; 3) variation in clinical workflows across physicians and clinics; and 4) interruptions and fragmentation in clinical workflows. Depending on the Associate's skills and interests the project may also involve qualitative observations and interviews with physicians, nurses, and clinical staff about their clinical workflows or EHR use.

Campus Information: This position will enjoy career support and mentoring from the PI, the Information School, and the campus Office of Postdoctoral Studies (https://postdoc.wisc.edu/). The Information School is part of the School of Computer, Data & Information Science which seeks to encourage interdisciplinary and cross-campus research collaborations, to establish new, innovative educational programs in the intersection of computing and other domains, and to promote engagement with high-impact, real-world challenges that can be addressed through computing. More information about CDIS can be found at https://cdis.wisc.edu.

July 1, 2023 start date is negotiable

Application Instructions: Email the following application materials compiled into a single PDF to Lori Ushman (ushman@wisc.edu) with the email subject line of "Application for Postdoctoral Research Associate in Health Informatics".

Materials to submit:

1. Cover letter

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

3. A list of 3 professional references with their emails and phone numbers

4. Two representative scholarly works (published manuscripts preferred)

Website: https://adamrule.com

Salary: $60,000

Percent Time: 100

Start Date: 07/01/2023

Contact Name: Lori Ushman

Contact Email: ushman@wisc.edu

Contact Phone: (608) 263-2908

4. Research Associate (Postdoc) Mouse Genetics, Aging and Age-related Disease Medical Genetics Akihiro Ikeda 06/30/2023 04/03/2023

Position Requirements: Ph.D. in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, or related field required. The successful candidate will have a strong molecular biology and cell biology background, demonstrate a strong research record in life sciences, and display willingness to contribute to a highly collaborative group studying age-related diseases using mouse as a model organism. Ability to work as a team member is essential. The successful candidate will be also encouraged to explore new research areas and seek independent funding for future career development.

Position Duties: The Ikeda laboratory (https://genetics.wisc.edu/staff/ikeda-akihiro/) aims to understand how the aging process is regulated at the molecular level and how it is associated with disease mechanisms using mouse genetics. We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher who will be involved in an NIH-funded project that investigates how dysregulated lipid metabolism impacts retinal health and leads to age-dependent retinal diseases.

Responsibilities for the position include carrying out phenotyping of mice (tissue dissection, histological experiments, and imaging/image analysis), molecular and cellular biological experiments, analysis of omics data, and interpretation of data, as well as preparation of manuscripts.

Application Instructions: To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter describing prior research experience, research interests and future career goals, CV, and the contact of three references to aikeda@wisc.edu.

Website: https://genetics.wisc.edu/staff/ikeda-akihiro/

Salary: NIH standard

Percent Time: 100

Start Date: 07/01/2023

Contact Name: Akihiro Ikeda

Contact Email: aikeda@wisc.edu

Contact Phone:

5. Research Associate (Postdoc) African Cultural Studies, Francophone West Africa, Maghreb, Caribbean African Cultural Studies Professor Luís Madureira, Department Chair 05/12/2023 03/30/2023

Position Requirements: The Department of African Cultural Studies seeks a postdoctoral fellow for academic year 2023-2024 to pursue research in African Cultural Studies with a focus on francophone West Africa, the Maghreb, and/or Caribbean.

This is a one-year teaching fellowship open to individuals who will have been awarded a Ph.D. in African Cultural Studies or related field by August 21, 2023. Applicants who have not yet been awarded the degree but will have degree in hand by August 21, 2023, must submit a letter from their department chair confirming that the degree is expected by the start date of the fellowship.

The selection committee particularly welcomes applications from candidates whose scholarship is driven by innovative, interdisciplinary ways of thinking. The department is especially interested in scholars working on the problem of francophone cultural production in colonial and postcolonial African contexts.

Percent Time: 100%

Job Code: PD012: Research Associate

Salary: $47,476 minimum

Appointment Start Date: August 21, 2023

Appointment End Date: May 19, 2024

Education & Qualifications:

-Required PhD in African Cultural Studies or related field

-Knowledge of French and/or a West African language is highly desirable.

The Department of African Cultural Studies is committed to increasing and fostering diversity in the campus community. Candidates who can contribute to the climate of inclusivity are encouraged to identify their experience in these areas. The UW-Madison is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing opportunities to people from all backgrounds to help create a diverse, welcoming, empowered, and inclusive community. UW-Madison encourages women, minorities, veterans, and people with disabilities to apply. A criminal background check will be required prior to employment. Unless confidentiality is requested, information regarding applicants must be released upon request. Finalists cannot be guaranteed confidentiality.

Position Duties: The fellow will be responsible for teaching one course per semester in African Cultural Studies, either team-taught or self-designed. Course selection will be in consultation with the department. In addition, the fellow may take on some informal advising in their specialty or related research areas. The fellow is also expected to conduct scholarly research.

Application Instructions: Interested candidates should submit 1) a cover letter describing general research and career interests; 2) a curriculum vitae; 3) one representative published manuscript from your previous work or dissertation chapter; 4) a diversity statement; and 5) a list of three professional references with contact information to Bill Bach, ACS Department Administrator, wbach@wisc.edu. For full consideration, all materials must be received no later than 11:59pm on May 12, 2023. The position will remain open until filled. Applicants with questions may contact the ACS Department Chair, Professor Luís Madureira, lmadurei@wisc.edu.

Website: https://african.wisc.edu/

Salary: $47,476 per academic year

Percent Time: 100

Start Date: 08/21/2023

Contact Name: Bill Bach

Contact Email: wbach@wisc.edu

Contact Phone: (608) 262-2041

6. Research Intern Human Stem Cells, Molecular Biology Waisman Center Anita Bhattacharyya 05/01/2023 03/28/2023

Position Requirements: A Bachelor's Degree is required.

A Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry or a closely related field is preferred.

One year of laboratory research, and experience in molecular biology techniques is preferred.

Position Duties: The Waisman Center is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about human development, developmental disabilities, and neurodegenerative diseases throughout the lifespan. One of 15 centers of its kind in the United States, the Waisman Center encompasses laboratories for biomedical and behavioral research, a brain imaging center, and a clinical bio-manufacturing facility for the production of pharmaceuticals for early stage human clinical trials. In addition to its research efforts, the Center provides an array of services to people with developmental disabilities, offers numerous educational and outreach programs to young children and their families, and trains scientists and clinicians who will serve our nation in the future.

This Research Intern will work within the UW Human Stem Cell Core and perform sample processing (including the isolation of cells and nucleic acids from patient samples), conduct experiments using molecular biology techniques (such as PCR, RT-PCR, sequence analysis), perform genotyping assays for stem cell projects, document receipt of samples and their locations in storage, manage and store samples, maintain compliance with biosafety protocols, maintain quality control of techniques, and perform other assignments in molecular and cellular biology work.

Application Instructions: To be considered, please send a cover letter and resume detailing your interest and qualifications to Anita Bhattacharyya at bhattacharyy@waisman.wisc.edu.

Website: https://www.waisman.wisc.edu/stem-cell-research-program/

Salary: $35,568

Percent Time:

Start Date: 06/01/2023

Contact Name: Anita Bhattacharyya

Contact Email: bhattacharyy@waisman.wisc.edu

Contact Phone:

7. Research Associate (Postdoc) Plant and Soil Microbiomes Department of Plant Pathology Paul Koch 05/01/2023 03/27/2023

Position Requirements: A Ph.D. in plant pathology, microbiology, or related discipline; demonstrated research skills in microbiology and molecular tools such as metagenomics and bioinformatics; excellent written communication skills; and a desire to work as part of an interdisciplinary research team. The initial appointment is for one year; renewal for additional years is likely pending satisfactory performance.

Position Duties: A postdoctoral Research Associate position is available in the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to research soil microbiomes of urban landscapes and turfgrass sites. The USDA-funded project’s primary objectives are to study how soil microbiomes respond to pesticide applications and how the potential changes impact suppression of plant pathogens.

Specific duties include:

40%: Lead team of graduate and undergraduate researchers in treatment application, field sampling, data collection, DNA extraction and preparation for high-throughput sequencing.

20%: Lead analysis of high-throughput sequencing data to identify important shifts in microbial community structure, function, and networks.

20%: Work with research team to produce multiple peer-reviewed manuscripts, annual reports for the funding agency, and other written materials as needed to support the project.

10%: Provide support to other project team members conducting metabolomics analysis of soil samples.

10%: Assist other lab members (PI, postdocs, graduate students, undergraduate researchers) as needed with their projects.

Application Instructions: To apply, send a single pdf file containing: 1) a cover letter describing your research experience and interest in the position; 2) a curriculum vitae; 3) names and contact information of three professional references. Submit to Paul Koch by email at: plkoch@wisc.edu. Applications received by May 1st will receive full consideration. The position is available beginning June 1st, 2023. UW-Madison is an equal opportunity employer.

Website: https://kochlab.cals.wisc.edu/

Salary: $50,000 - $60,000+ Dependent on qualifications

Percent Time:

Start Date: 06/01/2023

Contact Name: Paul Koch

Contact Email: plkoch@wisc.edu

Contact Phone: (608) 262-6531

8. Research Intern Developmental biology and birth defects research Comparative Biosciences Robert Lipinski 04/01/2023 03/25/2023

Position Requirements: Position Requirements: This is a full time position for a research intern with a minimum 1 year commitment in the laboratory of Dr. Robert Lipinski of the UW-Madison Department of Comparative Biosciences. The Lipinski lab’s research is dedicated to understanding how genetic and environmental influences interact in causing common human birth defects, like clefts of the lip and palate. Following training the successful candidate will be responsible for conducting animal experiments, tissue dissection and imaging, and molecular analyses, including qPCR, IHC, and electrophoresis. The successful candidate will also engage with Dr. Lipinski and his research team in planning experiments, analyzing and interpreting data, and preparation of research manuscripts. While most work is conducted during typical weekday hours, occasional night or weekend work is likely. Preference will be given to highly motivated and intellectually curious applicants who are eager to take ownership of their work.

Position Duties: 1. Mouse colony husbandry, maintenance, and genotyping

2. Conducting mouse exposure trials.

3. Mouse tissue dissection and imaging.

4. Cellular and molecular assays like in situ hybridization, real time PCR, and immunohistochemistry.

5. Conducting literature searches and coordinating with research collaborators.

Application Instructions: Interested applicants should provide a cover letter describing why they are interested in the position, a current resume/C.V. that includes relevant course work and grades earned, cumulative grade point average, laboratory research experience, and the contact information for three references. A bachelor’s degree in biology or a related area is required, and it is preferred that applicants have at least 1 year of bench-based research experience whether it be via part-time student employment or internships. Please send completed materials to robert.lipinski@wisc.edu.

Website: https://www.vetmed.wisc.edu/lab/lipinski/

Salary: $35,000 (or more depending on qualification)

Percent Time:

Start Date: 05/22/2023

Contact Name: Robert Lipinski

Contact Email: robert.lipinski@wisc.edu

Contact Phone: (608) 265-4043

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