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King Faisal University Scholarship for International Students

Deanship of Postgraduate Studies 

Scholarships for non-Saudi Students

The scholarship is a grant given to non-Saudi students whether male or female to study in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at higher education institutions.

Types of Scholarships
  1. Internal for resident students in KSA
  2. External for non-KSA residents

These grants are partially paid or completely covered according to the regulations of the higher education institution.

Requirements of Acceptance

  1. The applicants for internal and external missions should meet the same admission requirements applied to Saudis.
  2. With the requirement mentioned above the student must meet the following conditions
    • The applicant’s age should not be more than 30 years for the master programs, and 35 years for Ph.D. programs. However, the institution council could exempt the age condition.
    • The applicant’s government should approve the study of their applicants in KSA, especially from the governments that necessitate official approval from Saudis to study in their countries.
    • The applicants are not allowed to apply or get an additional grant from any other Saudi institutions.
    • The certificates and other transcripts should be documented as requested by the Saudi institutions.
    • The applicants should not be dismissed by any other Saudi institutions.
  1. Concerning the internal mission program, the acceptance requirements are stated by the institution council as follows:
    • The applicant should get consent on his study plan.
    • The applicant should be a KSA resident.
How to apply

The applications should be submitted to:

  1. Saudi embassies and their consulates abroad.
  2. Higher Education Institutions in KSA.
  3. Online application through the portal of the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies in King Faisal University.
General Regulations
  1. The applicants should comply with the residency regulations in KSA.
  2. The applicants for the external missions are not allowed to work anywhere during the study

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