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Princeton University Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow

D-23-ENE-00003 | Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment | Research | Last Updated 07/29/2022 | Posting Expires 12/19/2022 11:59 PM, EST

The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment invites applications for its Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellows program, with start dates as early as June 2023. This program supports outstanding scholars whose research focuses on innovative solutions to pressing technological, economic, and/or policy challenges relating to energy and the environment. Applications from members of groups that have been historically underrepresented within the fields of energy and environment are highly encouraged.

Fellows must collaborate with two or more Princeton faculty or senior researchers within an energy or environment-related field and establish an interdisciplinary research plan aligned with the Andlinger Center's mission. Candidates whose plans forge new collaborations between associated faculty and researchers in the Andlinger Center's research directory are strongly preferred, though proposals that extend existing collaborations in creative new directions will be consider.

Appointments are anticipated for two years, with renewal after the first year contingent on satisfactory performance. Fellows will hold the rank of postdoctoral research associate and be provided a competitive salary, standard benefits, and a stipend of $2,500 per year to support conference travel and career development.


Participation in teaching is not required. Fellows may guest lecture in courses, with guidance from Princeton mentor(s). Interested fellows are encouraged to pursue workshops and training in pedagogy offered through Princeton's McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning.

Application process 

For full consideration, complete applications must be submitted by December 16, 2022.

Eligible candidates must have received their doctorate in a related field no later than three years prior to the anticipated start date. Preference will be given to candidates not currently affiliated with Princeton University. 

Applicants must develop a research proposal in consultation with two or more Princeton faculty or senior researchers with whom they intend to collaborate, at least one of whom must be identified as the primary mentor(s).  Mentors will be asked to submit a letter assessing the candidate's academic strength and proposed research plan and to commit a portion of the financial support. Princeton mentors who are currently hosting a Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow are ineligible to serve as primary mentors; applicants should consult with their prospective mentors to ensure that this eligibility criterion is met.

The materials listed below should be submitted to https://puwebp.princeton.edu/AcadHire/position/26843 by the application deadline. This position is subject to the University's background check policy.

*Cover letter

*Curriculum vitae, including publications

*Research plan, developed in consultation with the prospective Princeton mentor(s), with a maximum length of 2 pages.  The plan must explain the research context, the interdisciplinary framework of its objectives, and the anticipated impact. The plan should clearly articulate the technological or policy solutions proposed to address the challenges and demonstrate a strong connection to the Andlinger Center's mission. The research can be applied or fundamental, theoretical or experimental, or a combination of such. Prospective Princeton mentors will be contacted to ensure the applicant has consulted with them in developing the research plan.

*Personal statement (1-2 pages), demonstrating how the fellowship advances the applicant's career plans and identifying possible additional mentors that they plan to cultivate during the fellowship.

*Contact information for 2-3 references, who will receive an email with instructions on how to send their recommendation.

*Contact information for the applicant's prospective Princeton primary mentor(s).

Questions about the fellowships or application process may be directed to the Andlinger Center's assistant director for research, Charles Sharpless (csharpless@princeton.edu).


2. Experimental Postdoctoral Research Associate Simons Observatory

D-22-PHY-00008 | Physics | Research | Last Updated 01/27/2022 | Posting Expires 01/27/2023 11:59 PM, EST

The Department of Physics at Princeton seeks applicants for a postdoctoral research associate or more senior position to work in experimental cosmology with the Simons Observatory (SO) project. SO is a cosmic microwave background survey experiment currently being built being built for observations from the Atacama Desert in Chile.  The SO detector group at Princeton, led by Suzanne Staggs, is responsible for the development, assembly, and characterization of the detector focal-plane modules. The successful candidate will help guide the detectors and readout program through completion of the project and delivery of all 49 focal-plane modules to the telescopes. Appointments are for one year, with the possibility for renewal pending satisfactory performance and continued funding for a total of three years. SO was designed for expansion and if funding is successful, the position may be extended. 


Play a leading role in the production of focal-plane modules. 

Optimize and define group pathways forward both balancing research and schedule. 

Local resource tracking of focal-plane module components such as detector arrays, multiplexer chips, and constituent parts. 

Communicate working group progress to larger collaboration and interface with project scheduler. 


Ph.D. in physics or astrophysics.

Experience with instrumentation, particularly low temperature devices and cryogenics, and preferably experimental CMB.

Organized and able to interface and clearly communicate with collaborating groups and project management. 

Ability to work with a cross-section of post-docs, graduate students, technicians and engineers and in a large collaboration environment. 

This position is subject to the University's background check policy. To apply online please visit https://puwebp.princeton.edu/AcadHire/position/23562 and submit a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references. 

Princeton University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


3. Instructorships/Asst. Professorships/Postdoctoral Research Associates/Associate Research Scholars

D-23-MAT-00001 | Mathematics | Faculty | Last Updated 09/29/2022 | Posting Expires 12/01/2022 11:59 PM, EST

The Princeton University Mathematics Department expects to offer several junior faculty positions and postdoctoral appointments for the 2023-2024 academic year.


Assistant Professorships: 3-year renewable appointments; teaching experience preferred.  Ph.D. required.

Postdoctoral Research Associates or Associate Research Scholars: one-year, full-time positions for recent Ph.D. recipients or more senior researchers, who wish to carry out research in mathematics with a Princeton faculty member, with possibility of renewal subject to continued funding and satisfactory performance.


Instructorships: 1-year positions; normally renewed for 1-2 additional years. Ph.D. required.


Veblen Research Instructorships: 3-year positions (offered jointly by the Princeton University Mathematics Department and the School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study) for outstanding new Ph.D.'s.  Typically, the first and third years of these appointments are spent teaching and conducting research at Princeton University and the second year is spent conducting research (without teaching duties) at the Institute for Advanced Study.  (Please see the advertisement under THE INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDY for additional details about the Veblen Research positions. Applicants must also apply to Institute for Advanced Study posting.)

Please note: Applicants will automatically be considered for all open junior faculty positions and postdoctoral appointments.  The Department is interested in candidates who, through their research, teaching, and service, will contribute to the diversity and excellence of the academic community.  The Department strongly encourages applications from individuals who identify as members of groups that are presently underrepresented in the field


These positions are subject to the University's background check policy.  


 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: November 15, 2022, 11:59 p.m. EST


All applications should be submitted via MathJobs.  For inquiries, please e-mail: application@math.princeton.edu.


Applicants must submit the following items online:

         Cover Letter

         Curriculum Vitae

         Research Statement

         Teaching Statement

         Publication List

         Four Reference Letters (to be submitted by reference writers at this site)


4. Ludwig Postdoctoral Research Associate

D-22-LPB-00003 | Ludwig Princeton Branch | Research | Last Updated 08/02/2022 | Posting Expires 06/27/2023 11:59 PM, EDT

Postdoctoral or more senior research positions are available in the Ludwig Princeton Branch to study metabolism and tumor-microenvironment interactions during cancer progression. Ludwig Princeton Branch is dedicated to accelerating the study of metabolic phenomena associated with cancer to develop new paradigms for cancer prevention and treatment. Its main research areas include: 

- Metabolic interactions between the tumor and the rest of the body, focusing on how the body supports tumor growth and metastasis, and how tumors induce cachexia and other microenvironmental changes. 

- Interplay between host metabolism, gut microbiome, and anti-cancer immune response. 

- Diet-induced tumor microenvironment changes during cancer progression and metastasis, and dietary strategies for the prevention and treatment of cancer. 

We welcome highly motivated candidates who have or expect to have a Ph.D. degree in the fields of molecular cell biology, cancer biology, chemical biology, biochemistry, cancer genomics, genetics, mass spectrometry, physical chemistry, computational and systems analysis. 

Appointments are for one year with the possibility of renewal pending satisfactory performance and continued funding. 

Applicants must select one or more research mentor/co-mentor from the following Principal Investigators and Ludwig Princeton Branch members. Please visit https://ludwigcancer.princeton.edu/ to learn more about each Principal Investigator

Kang, Yibin- Major areas of interest include: Cellular plasticity in cancer progression, organ-tropic metastasis niches, metabolic adaptation during cancer metastasis, metastasis genes and development of metastasis therapeutics, mammary gland stem cell and stem cell niches. 

Rabinowitz, Joshua- Major areas of interest include: Metabolomics, isotope tracing, metabolic flux analysis, quantitative modeling, mass spectrometry imaging, cancer metabolism, small molecule inhibitor discovery, dietary impact on cancer, metabolism, and the immune system. 

White, Eileen- Major areas of interest include: Identification of metabolic vulnerabilities in cancer, the role of nutrient scavenging pathways including autophagy in cancer and host metabolism, growth and survival, metabolic control of the anti-tumor immune response, identification of the mechanisms driving cancer cachexia, dietary modulation of tumor growth and treatment response.


To apply online, please visit https://puwebp.princeton.edu/AcadHire/position/26481 and submit a brief statement of research interests, curriculum vitae and a list of three references. This position is subject to the University's background check policy.


5. Postdoctoral position in cryo-EM and cryo-ET of malaria parasites

D-23-MOL-00010 | Molecular Biology | Research | Posting Expires 11/16/2023 11:59 PM, EST

A postdoctoral or more senior research position is available in the Jimah Lab to study organelle biogenesis, endocytosis, and other membrane remodeling processes in malaria and related parasites. Projects include single-particle cryo-EM structure determination of Plasmodium falciparum and Toxoplasma gondii proteins, and the structural biology of parasite proteins in their cellular context by cryo-electron tomography / cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy (cryo-ET / cryo-CLEM) enabled by cryo-FIB-SEM (focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopy). The postdoctoral scholar will have access to cutting-edge cryo-EM equipment at the Imaging & Analysis Center and access to other relevant instrumentation in various core facilities at Princeton University. The position is open  and has a negotiable start date. Although the initial appointment is for one-year, it is expected to be renewed contingent on satisfactory performance.

This position will be within the Molecular Biology Department, an innovative, vibrant, collegial, collaborative, and excellent research environment. Princeton University is in an idyllic town midway between New York City and Philadelphia, with convenient train access to both cities. 

This opportunity is ideal for:

(1) Cell biologists/parasitologists looking to develop expertise in cryo-EM, cryo-ET, or cryo-CLEM. 

(2) Structural biologists (with cryo-EM, cryo-ET, cryo-CLEM, and/or X-ray crystallography experience) or biophysicists looking to develop further expertise in structural biology and/or acquire expertise in parasitology and malaria biology.

How to apply: 

Interested applicants should apply online at: https://puwebp.princeton.edu/AcadHire/position/28443. Please include a cover letter describing your research interests (~1 page), a current CV, and contact information for three references.

Essential qualifications: Ph.D. or equivalent in biochemistry, microbiology, structural biology, biophysics, cell biology, biomedical engineering, or related fields. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Jimah by e-mail at jimah@princeton.edu

This position is subject to the University's background check policy.


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